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Crafting Your Passionate Adventures

I tailor itineraries just for you, whether you're a family, a group of friends, or a solo traveller. Explore hiking, history, fine arts, food, and more

For the curious traveler in search of cultural enrichment and mountain escapades, I design unforgettable vacations featuring activities like wine tasting, river cruises, and awe-inspiring treks worldwide





Hello, I'm Amanda

You're In the Right Place If... 

Tailor-made travel experiences appeal to you. 

Cultural immersion is your primary goal. 

Adventurous journeys capture your interest. 

A diverse range of activities sparks curiosity. 

Savoring fine wines tops your wish list. 

The allure of Christmas markets intrigues you. 

Exploring the wonders of Machu Picchu is a priority. 

A hunger for exploration propels your travels. 

Customized itineraries align with your preferences. 

Amanda Simonds


Your next vacation is closer than you think

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The benefits of using a Travel Advisor

When you DIY anything in life, you take on risks. Sometimes it's a calculated risk because the consequences
(if anything goes wrong) are minimal.


Other things, the risk is too high - medical procedures, home renovations, educating your children, and even cutting your own hair.


Planning travel, especially out of the country, is something that should also be left to qualified and professional experts.

Unlocking Unmatched Travel Experiences:
The Indispensable Role of a Travel Agent 



Why Luxury Travelers Should Ditch DIY Booking: A New Perspective on Planning

Explore the unexpected benefits of letting luxury travel professionals take the reins. From exclusive access to time-saving perks, find out why the DIY approach might be holding you back from your best vacation yet.


The Hidden Stresses of Vacation Planning: Navigating the Journey to Relaxation

Discover why vacation planning can be more challenging than it appears. From information overload to the pressures of FOMO, dive deep into the complexities of planning that perfect getaway and learn how to make it smoother.


Why Travel Insurance Slips Under the Radar: A Deep Dive into Common Oversights

Explore the reasons behind the frequent overlooking of travel insurance. Unearth the misconceptions, risks, and the crucial importance of this often-neglected safety net for travelers.


Does using a professional travel agent or advisor cost more than planning your own vacation?

Think booking with a travel agent is expensive? Dive into our comprehensive analysis revealing how travel agents offer not just cost-effectiveness, but unparalleled value and unique travel inclusions. Discover the true essence of curated travel experiences.

Amanda Simons - Travel Advisor.jpg

3 Steps To Your Next Best Vacation



At this point, we'll briefly discuss the trip you have in mind—details about who you're planning to travel with and the preferred timing.


We'll delve into your precise travel preferences and requirements.


Additionally, we'll cover the fee for itinerary planning and research, outlining what it encompasses.



Upon receiving your payment and having gathered comprehensive details about your vacation, I'll meticulously research and craft a personalized itinerary that fulfills all your envisioned requirements and, ideally, exceeds expectations.


This itinerary will be presented as a quote or multiple quotes. Subsequently, you can indicate the specific elements you wish to proceed with booking.



You will receive insider travel tips specific to your destination and all your travel documents prior to your departure.


I will be here to support you while in destination should you need to reach out and of course, when you return, I will follow up to hear all about your adventure(s).


These are just a few of the many destinations we send our clients to


Dawn Armstrong - Cremona, AB

Planning a vacation can be so stressful! The anxiety of what ifs? What's included? Is the place good? How do I get from here to there? It’s all quite overwhelming, leaving you needing a vacation from planning your vacation!


Amanda puts it all into play for you with top-of-the-line service from her end and from her connection on the other side.

There’s always royal treatment and special treats around every corner leaving you feeling taken care of the whole trip. The planning, the booking or heaven forbid cancelling is so stress-free with the right travel agent by your side. I don’t travel out of my comfort zone without using Amanda, I can always trust she’s got my back! 

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